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Coats Polyfil Terko (2,500 Metres)

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Coats Terko Satin is a cotton wrapped polyester core-spun thread with a glace finish. This thread combines the sewing performance and appearance of cotton with the superior strength and elongation characteristics of continuous filament polyester. The cotton wrap protects the polyester core from needle heat even from your most demanding applications. The glace finish gives Terko its lustrous effect and enhanced abrasion resistance. Terko Satin is polished through a specially-engineered process using a customised formulation to ensure that the fibres are held together during tough sewing operations, resulting in strong seams.

The cotton wrap protects the polyester core from needle heat generated during high speed sewing to preserve the thread's strength. In wet weather, the cotton wrap absorbs water and swells to fill the needle holes. This prevents water leaking through the seams, making Terko Satin ideal for a range of outdoor applications.

Terko Satin has controlled stretch characteristics which give you excellent sew-ability, with tight, firm stitches on a variety of leather surfaces.

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